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  • Javascript and WordPress – The Definitive Guide

    Using custom JavaScript code in a WordPress theme or plugin is, in many cases, a given. Fortunately, WordPress comes bundled with a selection of popular Javascript libraries (jQuery, Prototype and others) for use with your plugins and themes. Many users, however, simply write the `<script>` tags in the header.php file of their theme or as […]

  • Getting the information of a root page in WordPress

    Often, when using WordPress as a content management or blogging tool on a website, one uses a multi-level page structure. This entails a page being listed “underneath” another page in a tree structure. Usually, if your WordPress installation’s permalinks deviate from the default setting, your page URL structure will look something like this: http://websiteurl.com/parentpageslug/subpageslug (Note: […]

  • What do you look for in a “premium grade” WordPress theme?

    … Is it an advanced feature set? Is it a cutting edge design? Is it a combination of both with a sprinkling of pixie dust for extra magic? What do you look for in a “premium grade” WordPress theme? I use the term “premium grade” as I’m not refering specifically to paid-for or “premium” WordPress […]

  • Win a signature series WordPress theme

    So, the good fellows at Obox Design are delving into the WordPress themes zone. Over the past few months, there has been much discussion, and a few sneak peaks, of “Hash One”, the first in the Obox Signature Series of WordPress themes. “Hash One” has had an awesome amount of work put into it and […]

  • Blogging…now with threads!

    With the release of WordPress version 2.7 came a host of new features and details. A redesigned administration console with a vast array of new features, a range of features to streamline admin-to-user conversation and threaded comments. As I mentioned in my first post, this theme is still in testing phase. Thus, I have added […]