The Field Band Foundation – Education through The Arts

Music and the arts have always been a topic close to my heart. Having grown up being a musician from a young age, I have felt the positive impact that music, performance and the arts in general have had on my life and development. Watching a passion-filled performance, whatever it may be, always strikes a chord (for want of a better phrase) within me.

Giving selflessly of oneself is a rare and precious gift for the person or people receiving it. Sharing a skill with or making time for someone, even a few minutes, could have a significant influence on a person’s life, both for the giver and recepient. Helping a child learn to read, smiling at a stranger and asking how their day has been, sharing your lunch…all of these things are small, yet impactful, selfless actions.

While browsing through The Trust’s website, I came across a charity organisation that combines both of the above- educating under-privelaged youths in music and the arts. Knowing the influence that music had on my personality, confidence and overall approach to things, this charity comes close to my heart. This charity is The Field Band Foundation.

The Field Band Foundation’s core mission is to influence personal growth, education and development through social interaction, music, dance and the arts, all of which are fun and exciting activities that take place outside of the conventional classroom. The arts are fun, inspirational and can act both as an individual stimulus or as a collective collaborative project, creating a social platform for youths to meet, interact with one another and put aside their heartships to have some fun.

In and amongst this, the participants learn a new skill, be it an instrument, dance style or other art form. All of the above are, as mentioned above, either solo endevours or highly connected collaborative works. Music, in particular,  is an artform that, when collaborated on, is structured and solid, while still being loose and fun and the same time. The feeling of making an instrument really talk (not just make noises) is a feeling like no other I have ever experienced…other than the sound of an instrument, played by someone else, that is really talking…I mean, really talking!

The work that the Field Band Foundation are doing is really second to none. Everyone deserves at least the chance to try. The FBF are providing a platform for youths to seize this chance and gain an invaluable life skill. I am so glad I found this charity and have been able to find out more about the incredible work they are doing for the youth of South Africa.

Learning an art form, instrument or performance skill is, in my opinion, an invaluable developmental stage in one’s life. It is never too late to start learning, so if you feel you’re past your sell-by date on learning an instrument, think again.

Have you had the same or similar experiences with the arts? Please share your experiences in the comments below. 

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  1. nothing much to say just that the fieldband has brouhgt so much light and change of lifestyle in my life,its a best move i ever made in my life…….thaxn to the fieldband.

  2. What i do with the fieldband is Edutainment during performances,,,,young people are entertained by the music and dance we perform but at rehearsals they are educated by the lifeskills we share with them.thats how great it is….and i play the TRUMPET.

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