Fail Whale spotted off the coast of Twitter

So, I just had my first viewing (I think) of the Fail Whale. Very cool.

I’ve heard plenty stories about the Twitter Fail Whale and have now seen it for myself. A rare sighting (like any whale, ofcourse) the Twitter Fail Whale arrives when Twitter’s servers are at capacity with the number of tweets passing through. TFW (The Fail Whale) has grown into an internationally known craze, sporting a merchandise range and many various articles discussing it’s sightings and general habits.

For those who have yet to see the Fail Whale, it looks something like this:

A screenshot of Twitter's Fail Whale

Have you seen the Twitter Fail Whale? Share your experiences in the comments.

5 responses to “Fail Whale spotted off the coast of Twitter”

  1. LOL and here I was getting all excited thinking its a REAL whale!!!!

    I have not actually seen that before!!!!

    1. Haha. 😛

      Yeah, the Fail Whale’s become quite a thing. I wouldn’t mind a Fail Whale t-shirt, myself. 😛 haha…

      1. OOOHH yes a fail whale t-shirt would be very cool!!!!

        I am feeling left out now – I havent spotted it ??

        1. I think that’s a good thing, actually. It means Twitter’s servers are on the ball and well within capacity most of the time. 🙂

  2. I think I have seen it about a million times, you rarely see it because you are always on Twibble etc, dont think its that rare ha ha really irritating actually.. xxx

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