Just what is Tumblr anyway?

What’s that? It smells like Twitter, yet tastes like blogging. Ah, it must be Tumblr. And what a great smell and taste it has. Tumblr is a tumblogging service that allows users to create streams of blog posts, photographs, videos, audio, links and quotes on their very own tumblog. The first line of this post, to me, rings true. This is why.

So it’s kind of like some sort of Twitter-y thing?

When a user logs into Tumblr, they view a feed of all the users they are following. This concept, much like the “following users” concept, is similar to that of Twitter. In addition to this, the reblogging facility of Tumblr is similar to “retweeting” on Twitter.

So Tumblr is like Twitter, but bigger?

Well, not quite. Tumblr is similar to Twitter in the above ways, but is still more content rich in the fact that each item is larger than 140 characters and that the item can be of a variety of media types.

So Tumblr is like blogging then?

Once again, not quite. It’s smaller than a full, robust blog, but more rich in content types and sizes than a Twitter stream.

So what is Tumblr then?

I see Tumblr as a stream of conscience medi-blogging stream. It’s easy to post to your Tumblog (signup in itself takes no more than 2 minutes) and is easy to post reams of content and almost get sucked into the world of tumblogging. If you’re looking to host a smaller blog for your thoughts, snippets of commentary or updates, or sharing a multitude of media, Tumblr is the answer.

If you’re on Tumblr, pop over and say hey. I’m checking it out and loving the journey thus far. 🙂

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