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Where our focus goes, energy flows

Everything is made of energy. Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, the concept of spending energy is one which we can all identify with. What has come up a lot for me recently are reminders that “where our focus goes, energy flows”. Loosely translated this means where we choose to focus our minds, this is what we choose to give energy to.

When faced with a tough situation, we can either choose to focus on how tough the situation is, focus on finding a solution, or focus elsewhere. This is always our choice, whether we choose consciously or unconsciously.

What amazes me about this fundamental law is how it shows up everywhere we look. Over the past several years (and likely earlier), this law shows up in the news and events of the world.

South Africa is experiencing a “national shutdown”, orchestrated by a fledgling political party in the country. The shutdown thus far hasn’t impacted the country, though the police force, the army, and all private security companies are on high alert. This is all fantastic, in ensuring the country remains safe and non-violent. What many haven’t yet realised or spoken about, though, is how incredible this response is when we shift our perspective slightly. Any response from the government (again, which is an appropriate response when wanting to keep the country safe) is also unintentionally showing how much power we are choosing to hand to this fledgling political party. They call for a national shutdown, and the entire armed forces are on alert. I have no doubt that this political party sees this as a confirmation of their own power and influence.

There is far more at play here in this specific shutdown situation. That said, it is of utmost importance that the response focus entirely on preserving a non-violent, peaceful, protest demonstration. Any focus away from keeping the peace is a focus toward handing influence to a potentially very destructive political party.

When we feel sick, it is important to focus on feeling well, rather than focus on how sick we feel. It is important to focus on the steps we can take to reach our desired state (feeling well). This same logic applies to any situation we are faced with. Focus on your desired state, rather than on how the current state feels. Strive toward where you are going, rather than wallowing in where you are.

When faced with a situation, carefully consider where you want to spend your energy. After all, where your focus goes, energy flows.


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