WordPress Plugins

Matty Theme QuickSwitch (Download)

Quickly switch between themes via a menu in the WordPress Toolbar.

View Matty Theme QuickSwitch on WordPress.org

WP Hook Finder (Download)

Scan a WordPress theme or plugin for functions that are attached to hooks and filters…

View WP Hook Finder on WordPress.org

WP Section Index (Download)

Create a table of contents in a widget for the current page or blog post,…

View WP Section Index on WordPress.org

Over time, I’ve built several WordPress plugins, to serve various personal or customer-related needs. These plugins usually arise from moments such as “we need this functionality on a WordPress project” or “wouldn’t it be cool if our WordPress blog had this awesome feature?”- and now, here they are!

Hosted on the WordPress Extend plugin repository, these plugins are also available via your WordPress administration console’s “Plugins -> Add New” menu.

For more information about any of the plugins, click the links below to visit a dedicated page for that plugin.