Hi there, I’m Matt

I’m a product and engineering leader and coach, passionate about building engaging software products with an empowering human-first approach. As a leader, I help teams ship toward their most important outcomes, and realize their fullest potential.

With a background in leading product and engineering at startups, I seek out ways to bring human connection, community, and efficiency into product development. I lead product and engineering on the WooCommerce marketplace at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Tumblr.

Recent Writing

Hidden words and phrases
I explore hidden words and phrases we use often when we communicate, and how these may contribute to negative self talk.
You are chosen
When having a tough day or moment, remember this; Not everyone got to wake up this morning. You were chosen to wake up, today. Make the most of it.
Habits and Riding the Bicycle
"Building a habit takes repetition" is what they say. It's true! Some people say it takes 21 days to cement a habit. Naturally, building a habit in this way leads …
Opening a Window
My office is in a converted loft in our home. I have the entire roof area as a workspace, which helps with focus and separating my working time from family …
No Surprises
I use a "no surprises" approach to life, work, change management, and decision making. Read on to apply this to your own day to day.
Embrace versus conquest
"It's always easier to swim with the river's current than against it." This quote, and others like it, are likely quite common and known to most of us. The sentiment …