A theory on approaching difficult tasks

Whichever industry you work in, whether you work for yourself or a company and whatever your job description, there are days where things just aren’t going your way. No matter how long you sit at your desk, tapping your pencil, the solution to the problem at hand just isn’t apparent. As a developer, the problem […]

A few guidelines for WordPress plugin development

The WordPress plugin API is vast and powerful. It allows developers to essentially hook code into almost any area of the WordPress system without modifying the core files at all. It also allows for the creation of standalone plugins that work within the WordPress system but do not hook into the core modules. Over the […]

Content Management that enables developers

Content Management has always been an area of web development designed to make updating a website simple and easy for the end-user. Over time, I believe, the concept of content management systems (CMSes) has developed, in certain aspects, in a point-and-click direction. By point-and-click, I mean where developers sign into a console and click through […]

Getting the information of a root page in WordPress

Often, when using WordPress as a content management or blogging tool on a website, one uses a multi-level page structure. This entails a page being listed “underneath” another page in a tree structure. Usually, if your WordPress installation’s permalinks deviate from the default setting, your page URL structure will look something like this: http://websiteurl.com/parentpageslug/subpageslug (Note: […]

Perch – a new lil’ CMS is on the market

This Monday past, I received an email from “Perch”. On opening this email, I was reminded that Perch, a new “small CMS”, has now launched. Content Management Systems being an interest of mine, I took a look into this new lil’ guy on the CMS market. Perch is lightweight and easy to install and integrate […]

Internet Explorer 8 has been released

So Internet Explorer 8 has been released. It’s been on the cards for a while now, and now it’s here. Boasting several new features including a “Compatibility View” (allowing users to view pages in older versions of the browser) and visual search suggestions in the search box (in a similar fashion to an auto-complete script) […]

The first post

Here it is, at long last. “Lost In Mattyville” is live. 🙂 I have, over the last few months, been experimenting with several ideas for themes, content, an approach, etc…and here it is, version 1.0 of “Lost In Mattyville”. On this blog, I intend to discuss trends in technology, design, the web, music, WordPress and […]