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  • Theming for Magento — Part 04 – How it all works

    Wow, part 4 already? This is where the real fun comes in, folks. Today we’ll be opening up some *.phtml and *.xml files, looking at what’s going on under the hood and finding out how the theme files all tie together. Lets get started, shall we? Before we get to those files… Folks, before we […]

  • Theming for Magento — Part 03 – Theming Basics

    Right. We’re in part 03 of our “Theming for Magento” tutorial collection. Time to get down to some theming. A quick word on conventions Magento, like many other content management systems, likes to follow conventions. Adopting these conventions when designing your theme, as well as during the theming process, can greatly minimize the amount of […]

  • Theming for Magento – Part 02 – Theme Architecture

    OK folks, we’re not going to rush things. Lets take this theming for Magento one step at a time. 🙂 In today’s tutorial, I’ll be discussing the architecture of Magento themes, the reason for this architecture and a brief introduction into a general idea of what goes where and why. The installation… lets get it […]

  • Theming for Magento – Part 01

    Magento, the popular e-commerce website platform, has, over the past few years, become a prominant player in the content management market. Utilising its robust array of features as well as its stock and sales management fascilities, Magento is a great choice for a system to manage your online store. When setting up your Magento store, […]