Tweet-ups, Meet-ups, Relish and Tree Planting

Tweet-ups and Relish

Last night saw the gathering of Captonian tweeters at Relish in town for a tweet-up (meeting of Twitter users). Relish was a great choice of venue for the evening and accommodated everyone perfectly. The event was held in honour of Mike Stopforth’s trip to the Cape. Many turned out for the occassion which made the evening, in my opinion, a great success.

Meet-ups and Tree Planting

Tweet-ups are such a great way to meet people. At each one I have been to, I have met new people and gotten to chat with those that I have met before and discuss things further. I find it very interesting to listen to others, find out more about what they do and enjoy doing, and to learn more about them. Last night, I met a wealth of great tweeters and had some great conversations. I look forward to the next Tweet-up (going to Union was discussed?).

Cape Town tweeters end the holiday in style

Last night saw the gathering of several Cape Town “tweeters” (users of Twitter) at the Alba Lounge for some drinks and conversation about Twitter, technology and general “getting to know people” chat. A group of around 15 people joined for the evening. These are my thoughts.

I find tweet-ups (and the concept) quite interesting. It’s a new experience for me, introducing myself by my name, and having to say “a.k.a” and my Twitter username for the confusion to lift. Once you pass that point and everyone knows everyone on a first name basis, conversation begins to flow. I think it’s like that with introductions in general though. Moving past the “hi, my name is” moments, some great conversations were had. Everything from WordPress and tech talk, to music and cats was discussed.

Tweet-ups are an amazing way to meet people and get to know familiar faces better. The power of advertising on Twitter also became quite evident to me. Having posted and re-posted a “tweet” (message on Twitter) advertising the tweet-up and having seen the message re-tweeted by a few people, I was glad to see how many users came through who I, at the time, was not following or didn’t know. The power of multiple Twitter streams is evident in this.

@MarcPerel of From-The-Couch was filming the evening for the world to see. He and @gabyrosario filmed interviews with some of the tweeters at the event. Should be an awesome video.

Thanks to everyone that came through last night. It was awesome to meet you all and the perfect way to end off the festive season holiday. Here’s to many more tweet-ups in future.

Were you at last night’s Tweet-up? If so, what’d you think? If not, why not? 🙂