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Seek simple solutions

I’ve had several situations recently where I ended up with a solution far more complex than what was right under my nose. I choose to see these as reminders to seek out simple solutions. I find myself asking, “what was the common pattern between the situations?”

When confronted with an unexpected scenario, I felt myself wanting to find a solution which I thought to be the ideal next step. For example, our car battery decided to choke out, so I called for roadside assistance. This seemed logical to me. I later found out that the security guards at the wine farm we were visiting at the time have car jumper cables available, and can assist with getting the car started. This was great to hear about, though I felt sad to have paid “school fees” for the solution which I thought was the most logical.

What happened in the moment? I recall feeling a sense of urgency, a desire to resolve the issue, and a need to ensure my family was taken care of. All of the above feelings are valid. They need to be accompanied, though, with a clear mind and a curiosity for exploring simpler solutions.

When in doubt, take the 2-10 minutes to clear your mind, get curious, and explore alternative solutions to the first possible option. One way I’m choosing to encourage this thinking is to refer to “possible solutions” instead of “the solution”. Words and thoughts have a powerful impact on how we live our lives. This scenario is another great reminder of the power of our thoughts.


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