Real Revolutionaries

A real revolutionary fights for what is right, but brings in love and light. A real revolutionary, is peaceful and non-violent, but strong and potent. A real revolutionary is a soul rebel, unconquerable.

The above words from Gregory G Ras have been reminding me of what’s important to remember during times like these we’re experiencing now. How to be, and how to remain strong and focused on a clear goal and desired outcome.

I find, especially in this age of information, it’s so important to focus on what information we choose to adopt and to process for ourselves. For me, this is particularly important through music, which I consume a lot of every day. With news outlets being a big focus during these complex times, a balance of what information/energy we choose to take on for ourselves is now more important than ever.

During these times where many of us are on a lockdown, with our physical movement heavily restricted, it’s very easy and tempting to fall back to feelings and messages of weakness, powerlessness, and fear. One of the byproducts of all of this restriction, naturally, is fear.

I listen to this song a lot. That seems to be what happens when a song resonates with me. Eventually, it becomes somewhat overplayed, which I reckon happens once I’ve internalized the message. The song then goes into “regular rotation”. I’ve meditated on this particular chorus quite a lot, and questioned a lot of word choices to form my understanding. To me, the message here is to remain strong, to focus on bringing in good energy without becoming passive, and to remain “unconquerable”. This particular word resonated with me a lot and, to me, means maintaining of control of oneself. For example, not letting outside messages de-focus and control the mind. To stay clear and true on a focus, no matter what complex messaging is being disseminated to the world, yet being open to hearing what is being said without directly accepting it as fact.

A bit of pseudoscience about why and how this happens for us

Theory: our bodies are primarily water. We can see the effects of sound waves on water, through scientific experiments. In my opinion, this is why certain beats/tempos/rhythms resonate differently with different people. For me as an example, a reggae/dub beat resonates at a very specific frequency, and instantly calms me.

Our brain often hears very clearly, quicker than we can process the message towards understanding it. This doesn’t mean we’re not processing what we’re hearing. There is some pseudoscience around the effects of words on water molecules as well, which somewhat substantiates the theory that the messages we hear and choose to believe have a direct affect on the water inside us all, and thus on us as a whole on a molecular level.


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