The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus confirmed for Coke Zero Fest 2009

It’s official. Florida based American rock band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, are confirmed to perform at Coke Zero Fest 2009. The addition of this rock supergroup to the line-up can only lead to positive things for the festival.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will be performing alongside Oasis, Snow Patrol, PANIC! At The Disco, Bullet For My Valentine, The Dirty Skirts, Zebra and Giraffe, Foto Na Dans and aKING at Coke Zero Fest 2009. The line-up seems to be growing and is sporting a fine balance of local and international artists. As I have mentioned before, I am excited that South African bands are able to showcase their talents, in front of their local crowds, to international artists and bigwigs. These kinds of opportunities can only lead to a positive evolution of the South African music industry.


  1. YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! now the line up isnt that bad!!!!! i was disappointed when i heard about the line up at first,… but it is slowly but surely getting sooooooooo much better… cumon green day!

    1. @Romany Thanks for the comment, Romany. 🙂

      Yeah, having Green Day would be an awesome addition to the line up. I agree. 🙂

      Which other bands would you like to see at Coke Zero Fest?

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