Surf’s up- Woo goes surfing

Surf’s up- Woo goes surfing

Yesterday morning, some of the WooThemes crew went for a surf at Surfer’s Corner in Cape Town. For most of us, this was to be our first time on a surfboard (and was my first time a wetsuit, full stop). This certainly made for a memorable morning outing.

On Fridays, WooThemes works remotely. With Magnus down in Cape Town for a few days, we took the opportunity to go out and enjoy the beautiful Cape Town summer. And what beautiful weather it was.

We met up at Surfer’s Corner in Cape Town (a popular surfing spot in the Southern Suburbs) and rented some gear from one of the local surf shops. The beach was packed, there was plenty of activity in the water (and the shark spotter flag was black, which means there’s poor visibility, but we won’t focus on that :P).

For me, having body-boarded since I can remember, this was my first time on a surfboard. The shop gave us longboards (which are, apparently, the best kind of board to start on). This, as you can imagine, was quite a change from a light, short bodyboard. Nevertheless, the eye-opener was yet to come.

As this was my first time in a wetsuit as well, I had literally no idea what to expect from anything… the water temperature, the feeling of being in a wetsuit or the feeling of using a surfboard to catch a wave.

On the whole, every experience was one to remember… not freezing when walking into the water (thanks to the wetsuit… definitely wearing one of those again), carrying a longboard (I couldn’t fit my arm around it, which made for some really funny moments) and catching a few waves with a longboard (wow, surfing takes a lot of work!).

Thanks to the Woo crew for an awesome morning… and to Maggie and Mark for their excellent Kelly Slater impressions on the waves. 🙂

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