Is it the band or the musicians?

I got to thinking the other day about bands and musicians, particularly in the South African music industry. Locally, it’s quite common for musicians to play in more than one band, usually varying in genre. Over the last few years, I’ve found that with certain musicians, whatever band they perform in, I enjoy the music. Whether it’s the vocal, the songwriting or the playing style of the musician, there’s usually that “X-factor” somewhere.

This brings me to the question; “is it the band or the musicians?”


3 responses to “Is it the band or the musicians?”

  1. Very good point… was actually thinking something similar yesterday when I was listening to Led Zep. While Robert Plant was obviously a key person in that band, Jimmy Paige was a star beyond belief in terms of talent. And I can remember maybe 2 people from Guns n’ Roses, ok 3 maybe – plus look at how many artists successfully go solo.

    But… sometimes musicians aren’t ever as good on their own – like Arno Carstens without the Nudies for example, so guess it all just depends!

    1. Agreed, Rox. I find it’s not a general thing. As you said, some musicians go solo and don’t make it. I find that, if I like a particular musician, they can virtually jump from one band to another and I’ll enjoy the music. 🙂

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