Re-thinking “Uncategorized” in WordPress

As WordPress users soon come to realise after setting up their website, a few defaults are loaded in. These defaults include a test “Hello World” post with a comment from Mr. WordPress, a “Sample Page’ with some text and instructions and the “Uncategorized” category, amongst the various default “Links” data and “Blogroll” category.

Having given this some thought, the “Uncategorized” category doesn’t really seem correct in that the term is a category in itself. It’s almost a full paradox to say that a post is “uncategorized”, meanwhile it is in fact in a category.

Upon removing the relationship entirely between the “Uncategorized” category and a specific post, the post worked as expected with no issues. By default, a post is assigned to the category set as the default category in the WordPress settings screens within the WordPress admin. Therefore, while it is possible to assign a new default category and delete the “Uncategorized” category, the question is more, why do posts in WordPress need to be assigned to a specific category? Can they not just float independently?

I’m sure there’s a reason behind this (if you know it or can offer some insight into possible reasons, please share)… just thought I’d pose the thought and see what you all think. 🙂

One response to “Re-thinking “Uncategorized” in WordPress”

  1. It is indeed something that has annoyed me from the start. One of the first things I do when installing a new instance of WordPress is to create a new default category, and remove this Uncategorized category.
    This process alone is actually quite painful, since you have to create a new cat., go to Settings > Writing, change the default cat. setting to the new one, and then go back to the Edit categories screen and delete the “Uncategorized” category. 3 screens to change a default setting, that’s quite a lot.

    I think posts should always belong to at least one category though: this helps new WordPress users make a difference between categories and tags. However I think that the default category name could be different.

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